• nested house
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Nested House

  • Houston, TX
  • 500 - 2000 FT²
  • Built
  • nested house lighting
  • nested house with lighting

The Nested House is a guest house for a client in Houston. The brief was to provide an outdoor space for entertaining, along with a pool, spa, and sauna. We decided to “nest” the sauna within successive layers of material: first the wood of the sauna, then the tiled surface of the bathroom/sauna/closet volume, then the wood cladding of the patio area, then the metal exterior skin. The result is a building that becomes softer the further into it you move.

TEAM: Jason Logan, Matt Johnson, Josh Robbins

BUILDER: Streva Construction


  • Nested house sideview
  • Nested house diagram
  • nested house at night
  • nested house living room
  • Nested house floorplan
  • lojo nested felt door
  • nested house bathroom
  • nested house interior design

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