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XO House Wins Texas Society of Architects 2023 Design Award


We are honored that the XO House won a Texas Society of Architects Design Award this year. See all of the 2023 winners here.


LOJO Publishes "Houston Genetic City" with Actar Publishers


Our book Houston Genetic City is a speculation about the ecological future of the fourth largest city in the US. It imagines the unfolding possibilities for the entire Gulf Coast region, beset by pressure from rampant development, global climate change, and rapid economic transformation. Matt Johnson, Jason Logan, and Peter Zweig published Houston Genetic City with Actar Publishers, the culmination of a year long studio project with 23 students and a number of other collaborators—architect Thom Mayne, photographer Alex Maclean, the Aedes Gallery in Berlin.

Purchase a copy here!

Gulf_Buell Prize_01.png

"Gulf": Matt Johnson and Michael Kubo win the 2021 ACSA/Columbia University Temple Hoyne Buell Course Development Prize


In 2021, Matt Johnson and Michael Kubo won the Buell Course Development Prize for Architecture, Climate Change, and Society for their proposal “Gulf: Architecture, Ecology, and Precarity on the Gulf Coast.” The Prize is jointly awarded by Columbia University'sTemple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA). It calls upon professors from across the country to formulate pedagogy that grapples with these pressing topics. Johnson and Kubo's proposal addresses the impacts of a century and a half of fossil energy and carbon culture upon the fragile landscapes of the American Gulf Coast. It intends to consider possible futures for the region.

Piney Point House

LOJO Complete House Renovation in Pineypoint


LOJO completed a gut renovation of an historic ranch house in the Pineypoint neighborhood in Houston.


The Landscape Energy Observatory Project Exhibits at UH

Landscape Energy Observatory was the culmination of design work completed by students for sites in Iceland and Norway. Each project engaged the intersection of architecture, landscape, infrastructure, and energy. Most projects were off-grid, carbon neutral, and site specific. The exhibit was structured around four “geological” monoliths on which student work was mounted. Each monolith contained a hidden condition in its interior, which could only be viewed through fissures at the edges.


Houston Genetic City Exhibit at the Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin

The UH College of Architecture and Design exhibited the work done as a part of Houston Genetic City at the Aedes Gallery in Berlin. The work was on display for several months in the summer of 2017. It included a symposium and conversation between Thom Mayne, Aaron Betsky, and several others.

Read the Aedes Architectureforum Press Release here.


LOJO and UH Students Build Fifth Ward Stent

    • 09.01.15
    • LOJO and a group of UH Interior Architecture students reinvent an old shotgun storehouse in Houston's Fifth Ward as an e-library and community center.
    Texas Architect September

    Perforated House on Cover of Texas Architect

    • 09.25.14
    • LOJO's Perforated House was featured in the September/October 2014 issue of Texas Architect. The piece, written by Houston architect and writer Ben Koush, was in honor of the Perforated House winning a 2014 TxA Design Award.