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  • New York
  • 100-1000 FT²
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Proposal for a Sukkah

Re·Sukkah attempts to take something temporary, the holiday Sukkah, and give it a certain longevity within the Jewish household. Typically, a sukkah is placed in storage once Sukkot is over, where it takes up space until it is reassembled the following year. We wanted to reimagine the sukkah as a structure that could be useful year round.

Re·Sukkah is a modular structure whose parts easily break down to become usable objects during the 357 days a year that Sukkot is not occurring. This kit of useful parts can then be handily reassembled at every Sukkot. The parts variously act as planters for an herb garden, bookshelves, display stands, small desks, benches and so on. During Sukkot, family members bring them to the location of the Sukkah as a gift: representative perhaps of the coming together of family and friends. The project is conceived as a series of parametrically-derived waterproofed plywood cells. The plywood cells create a bench for seating, shelves for the family’s heirlooms and objects, and portals framing views and light. All of the elements of the traditional sukkah are thus integrated into this one modular structure. Re·Sukkah is intended to be an elaboration and extension of Jewish traditions—formed parametrically—at once familiar and new.

TEAM: Jason Logan, Matthew Johnson, Josh Robbins

  • Resukkah diagram
  • Resukkah parts in use

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