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  • Houston, TX
  • 2K - 10K FT²
  • Proposal
  • Bridge Structure
  • Bayoubridge site structure
  • Bayoubridge structure

Houston's slow-moving landscape of bayous configure the city in unusual ways. In a sprawling flatland, they are nearly the only instances of topography that appear—their overgrown edges dropping toward brown, frequently polluted water. Each year, the bayous flood, inundating the surround neighborhoods. As a result, most of the construction in Houston stands at a respectful distance from bayou edges. But what if—as in other cities—we made better use of these riparian corridors? What if we treated them as an asset to the city rather than something to be ignored or dominated?

The Bayoubridge proposal attempts to engage directly with the bayou landscape. It is a new crossing, specifically of the Buffalo Bayou. But unlike most bridges, this one is programmed with activities and uses, as well as ecological functions. It connects to the surrounding landscape in fundamental ways. In addition to providing new social and civic spaces for the city, it acts as a gigantic filtration sponge for the frequently polluted bayou..

TEAM: Matt Johnson, Jason Logan, Josh Robbins, Michael Viviano

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