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  • Houston, TX
  • 0 - 500 FT²
  • Built
  • Deskscape design
  • Deskscape desk design
  • Deskscape
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Deskscape is conceived as a "functional landscape" for the University of Houston College of Architecture administration suite. The project combines an administration desk (@ +30"); a display area for various physical media such as magazines, models, brochures (@ +18"); and a student work counter (@ +36").

Out of the base rises a media panel that is simultaneously a digital display, a representation of digital fabrication, and a kind of sign for the school. The CNC milled pattern of the panel registers the insertion of the monitor through a false-perspective pattern that creates a dynamic depth in the white Corian surface. Working with Brochstein's (the project fabricator), LOJO was able to optimize the milling time for the Corian surface from 20 hours to 15 minutes. This was achieved by developing a tool path that utilized a single router bit at various depths, rather than trying to mill the entire surface. The result is a new image and reception area for the school: a desk-landscape.

TEAM: Matt Johnson, Jason Logan, Josh Robbins

FABRICATION: Brochstein's Inc.

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